With the Addisc system you get much more than just a CD rack. Each unit comprises:
- an elegant, minimalist matt black box that will not look out of place in any décor
CD trays
- these fit inside the housing and are the heart of the Addisc system

Unit Dimensions
(in mm)

Instruction booklet
- a guide to getting the most from your Addisc units
Label holders
- are placed in a tray instead of a CD to carry the labels

- to enable units to be joined together to form a tower
Alignment pegs
- to keep an array of units in line
- should you wish to mount the unit on a wall

Non-slip mat
- to ensure that the unit does not mark the surface on which it stands and cannot slide as discs are inserted and removed

To order Addisc units

Sheet of labels
- for labelling, indexing and cross-referencing your collection
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