Because it's so easy to put your collection in order, it makes sense to add labels, making it even easier to find a particular disc. Each Addisc unit comes complete with everything you need:

Labels The Addisc cross- referencing system Fingertip operation

You can add labels for categories, artists etc. or index your collection with the letters of the alphabet. Everything you need is included - labels, label-holders, lettering.

Once a CD has been located, the design of the tray enables it to slide in and out of its slot with the lightest of touches.
This simple but powerful system makes it easy to find a particular piece of music, solving the "which disc is it on?" problem without the need to keep a separate index.

In the Addisc system labels are attached to label-holders, each of which is inserted into a tray in place of a disc. As your collection grows, the labels move automatically with the discs and can be added and rearranged in exactly the same way.

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