To keep your discs in a particular order you need to be able to insert a new disc, either single or double, in its correct place. Also, from time to time you may wish to remove a disc or change its location. With the Addisc system this can all be done with the minimum of effort because:


You can add new discs anywhere


You can house any combination of single and double discs


You can rearrange units
Discs are held in separate trays, and inserting an empty tray makes a space for a new disc - without having to move all those below it down one place! Individual Addisc units can be repositioned and new ones added at any time.
By inserting a second tray above the first, a space for a double CD can be created, just as easily as for a single one.
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With these simple steps it is possible to arrange your CD collection in the order you choose - and keep it that way as you add new CDs - without having tediously to move lots of discs up or down one place each time.
Once your CDs are in order Addisc also makes it easier to find any disc.