For ease of locating and removing the discs and then replacing them in the same position the best way of housing a collection of CDs is to store them horizontally, each in its own slot. There are many storage racks available that do this.

However, once a collection of discs gets above a certain size it needs to be arranged in a way that enables individual discs to be located. Then the drawback to a horizontal slot system becomes obvious: it's not possible to add a new disc in the middle of the collection without moving very many others down one place first.

This is where the Addisc CD Organiser is different - each CD is held horizontally in its own slot, but it is possible to add a new disc at any position - without having to move all the other discs to do so. To this unique ability are added other useful features which make the Addisc CD Organiser a powerful but simple and convenient method of organising a growing collection of CDs.